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Invisalign Notting Hill

Many patients want straighter teeth but would prefer not to have a fixed brace, making Invisalign the perfect alternative in Notting Hill.

Invisalign aligners are transparent and can be taken out at those all-important meetings or social events.

Invisalign in Notting Hill
An aligner is similar to a mouth guard and must be worn for up to 22 hours every day during the course of your treatment. The aligners encourage your teeth to gently move into the correct position, so you can enjoy a straighter smile without the need for a fixed orthodontic appliance.


When you attend for an orthodontic consultation, we will first discuss which is the best teeth straightening treatment for your individual case. Once we have established what that is we will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, taking x-rays and impressions for our laboratory to create your customised Invisalign clear aligners. Where patients suffer from overcrowding, we may need to extract one or more teeth so that your natural teeth can move into the correct position.

We will then move on to creating your first set of individual Invisalign aligners. Thereon, every two weeks you will need to visit Westbourne Grove Dental so we can check the alignment of your teeth and provide you with a new set of aligners. Each aligner is created to adjust the positioning of your teeth and encourage movement. Once treatment has been completed, you will be provided with a retainer to maintain your new smile.

To book your orthodontic appointment, please click here or call 020 7229 1730 for more information.


Seeing your Westbourne Grove Dental practitioner on a regular basis means that all your dental questions will be answered and any problem areas will be thoroughly examined. We pride ourselves in getting to know our patients and their dental needs, and by seeing us regularly we can build a good general picture of your oral health.


We are able to create a subtle yet effective change to your appearance, rejuvenating your skin and eradicating wrinkles. Our Treatments can be used to address many issues, such as to tackle lines on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes and lines above the lips.